NY Jets: 3 changes that Zach Wilson must make going forward

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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3. NY Jets QB Zach Wilson must stop locking onto his first read

A lot of the concerns we're going to talk about are common mistakes that most rookies struggle with early in their careers. One of the most common of which, that has certainly plagued Wilson to this point, is a tendency to lock onto the first read.

Wilson has too often been rushing through his progressions or just flat out ignoring them through the first three weeks. As a result, he's had a tendency to identify a target pre-snap and telegraph his throw.

The best example of this came this past week against the Denver Broncos. With a little over five minutes remaining in the game, Wilson dropped back to pass from his own 42-yard line.

He identified Corey Davis as his first read on the play (which was the case), but rather than look off the safety or pretend that he might throw elsewhere, Wilson stared down Davis the entire play allowing star safety Justin Simmons to undercut the pass for an easy interception.

Simmons looked to be in quarters coverage and read Wilson's eyes the entire way. He noticed Wilson looking at Davis from before the ball was even snapped. Simmons wasn't the man in coverage on the play, but he didn't have to be.

He knew exactly where the ball was going.

A lot of this is due to Wilson balking at the pressure he's faced to this point. He's rushing through his progressions in an attempt to get the ball out before the rush gets there.

Wilson made a fine pre-snap read here, he just fell victim to a self-imposed starting contest.

Again, this is a common rookie error that is mostly brought on by young quarterbacks still adapting to the speed of the NFL game. He's thinking too much and not reacting enough.

That's something he'll undoubtedly continue to work on as the season goes on.