3 more trade packages the NY Jets can offer for Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Tork Mason / USA TODAY NETWORK
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2. NY Jets trade a 2023 second-round pick and a conditional 2024 second-round pick for Aaron Rodgers

This would be the most Jets-friendly trade package in this article. Rather than send Green Bay multiple Day 2 picks in 2023, the Jets send their second-round pick to the Packers along with a conditional pick in 2024.

The conditional pick is a 2024 selection that could become a second-rounder depending on a variety of factors. The Jets could tie the condition to Rodgers' roster status in 2024, although the timing of that might be difficult.

If the Jets want assurance that Rodgers will stick around for longer than one season, tying draft compensation to roster conditions makes sense.

The Jets can also approach that conditional selection from a different perspective. The condition could be dependent on team success in 2023. If the Jets reach the playoffs with Rodgers, make the Super Bowl, etc.

Another possible condition could be based on Rodgers' individual performance. We're talking specific statistical achievements, awards, etc. — anything that equates to individual player success.

Given the immense number of variables related to any Rodgers trade, it would make sense for the Jets to utilize at least one conditional selection. This one allows them to hold on to their third-round pick, while Green Bay could recoup a future second-round pick if the conditions are met.

The Packers would almost certainly push for more than this, but if Rodgers decides he wants to play elsewhere and no other suitor emerges, they might not have much of a choice.