NY Jets 2023 Spring Depth Chart Preview: Tight end

NY Jets, Tyler Conklin
NY Jets, Tyler Conklin / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The NY Jets upgraded many positions ahead of the 2022 season, and while it was the defense that rightfully got the majority of that praise, they are set up well for success at other positions, with tight end being one of them.

After some significant additions last year, as well as a massive upgrade at quarterback, the Jets are now hoping that the promise turns to production on the field, as they have weapons built to succeed now, as well as future pieces that will be vital to the growth of this young team.

Depth chart

  • Tyler Conklin
  • C.J. Uzomah
  • Jeremy Ruckert
  • Zack Kuntz
  • Kenny Yeboah

What are the pros of the 2023 NY Jets tight end room?

For years now, the Jets have struggled to find any threats at the tight end position, and while they may have struggled last year for the most part along with the quarterback, they've got two guys at the top of the depth chart capable of great things.

With both Tyler Conklin and C.J. Uzomah leading the way, the Jets have two players that are versatile in the pass protection game as well as being threats down the field. Beyond that, they've found some young names in the draft that could step up in the future.

For this Jets team, however, it's all about 2023 and their Super Bowl goals. While they don't have a Travis Kelce, George Kittle, or a Mark Andrews on the team, there are two reliable pass catchers that are capable of playing a big role in this offense, and that's all Jets fans were asking for over the past decade.

What are the cons of the 2023 NY Jets tight end room?

While the Jets have some reliable names on this depth chart, arguably the biggest con is that none of them have proven to be elite, No. 1 type tight ends. Instead, it appears that they have a few players capable of contributing without being a presence that opposing defenses need to game plan for.

The talent is definitely there, as both Tyler Conklin and C.J. Uzomah have shown the ability to be starting tight ends, but until they can start making game-breaking plays, they won't be considered much of a threat.

Who will be the biggest stud at tight end for the 2023 NY Jets?

While the answer to this question is obvious for most groups, the Jets have several players that could step into the role, but after leading the way in 2022, the obvious choice here is Tyler Conklin, who excelled in his first year with the Jets.

In 2022, Conklin hauled in 58 catches for 552 yards and three touchdowns, and after two straight years of over 500 yards receiving, with the addition of Aaron Rodgers at the QB position, he could be in for a big career year in 2023.

Sure, he, along with the rest of the tight ends, had some big, costly drops at points last year, but with improved QB play, expect Conklin to finally meet his potential after flashing so much over the past two years.

What are the biggest storylines to watch in OTAs and training camp for the NY Jets tight end room?

While the top two veteran names on this depth chart are locked in and will get significant time on the field in 2023, the most interesting story for fans to watch should be further down the roster, as three young tight ends Zack Kuntz, Jeremy Ruckert, and Kenny Yeboah, should all be fighting for snaps and roster spots.

All three have great physical tools and could be big parts of the Jets' future, but at this point, none have managed to separate themselves as the clear TE3 on this roster, which could become a key position in case of injuries or struggles at the top.

Predictions for the 2023 NY Jets tight end room?

The Jets have rarely had elite tight ends in the history of their franchise, but with the addition of Aaron Rodgers, we could be looking at arguably the single greatest tight end season in franchise history (the single best season thus far is 879 receiving yards).

It's a lot of pressure to put on a group of tight ends that are unproven as pass catchers, but Conklin has passed 550 in his past two seasons, and if the team runs with him as the starter for the majority of the year, not only will the position be a positive, but it should be a major threat to opposing defenses.

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Beyond that, expect to see a much-improved presence in the run game, as well as one of their young names stepping up and solidifying themselves as a big part of the future of a talented Jets roster.