NY Jets 2022 spring depth chart preview: Tight ends

NY Jets, C.J. Uzomah
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2. What are the cons of the 2022 NY Jets tight end room?

Given how well the Jets have transformed this group, blending experience, athleticism, and youth together, there aren't many cons from the outside looking in.

The only likely con is the lack of chemistry between QB and an entire unit, but with so much time to prepare between now and September, it's likely that the Jets are doing all they can to cultivate that culture and chemistry.

We likely aren't going to see insane numbers for any one player in this unit, but it's been put together with great time and thought from Joe Douglas, and if they can work together as a group, we could see a big year from everyone involved.

3. Who will be the biggest stud at tight end for the 2022 NY Jets?

Neither of the big-time tight ends the Jets signed this year will put up the numbers of a George Kittle or a Travis Kelce, but with experience and talent in every part of his game, C.J. Uzomah could be set for a productive year.

With size, athleticism, and a great IQ for the game of football, the former Bengal is coming off a Super Bowl appearance and has had nothing but praise for this team, making him full of confidence that the Jets can take that next step with Wilson.

While that may not happen, Uzomah appears to be No. 1 on the Jets' depth chart, and if he can stay healthy, we could certainly see career-best numbers across the board for the big man in 2022.