NY Jets 2022 spring depth chart preview: Running backs

NY Jets, Michael Carter
NY Jets, Michael Carter / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Running back is a position that the NY Jets have had significant success at over the past 20 years, most notably with Chris Ivory and the glory days of Thomas Jones, Shonn Greene, and a past-his-prime but still great LaDainian Tomlinson.

While we can't be certain that any of the current Jets will get to that level, it's no surprise that Jets fans are incredibly excited about this group, especially the two youngest and lead backs amongst them, rookie Breece Hall and sophomore Michael Carter.

The Jets will likely want to take plenty of pressure off of Zach Wilson in the upcoming season, so utilizing the duo of Hall and Carter will be essential. If the Jets do it right, these two electric athletes could put the entire NFL on notice.

But beyond this, what do we think of the 2022 Jets running back group?

Depth chart: Breece Hall, Michael Carter, Tevin Coleman, Ty Johnson

1. What are the pros of the 2022 NY Jets running back group?

When talking about this year's Jets backs, there's not much you can't say. The group is deep, talented, and explosive and every single player in the unit can make big-time plays, so it should be a very exciting year for Jets fans.

While the group certainly isn't perfect, the top duo of Hall and Carter can be one of the most talented duos in the NFL, and if the Jets ever want to deploy them together, opposing defenses will struggle to keep up.

The depth with Coleman and Johnson allows the Jets to survive injuries, but if the top two stay healthy all year, both Hall and Carter could put up significant numbers on a team that is looking to become an offensive juggernaut in the new NFL.