NY Jets 2022 spring depth chart preview: Defensive line

NY Jets, Quinnen Williams, John Franklin-Myers
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2. What are the cons of the 2022 NY Jets defensive line?

This unit's biggest weakness in 2021 was in run defense as the Jets often struggled to stop opposing teams from racking up yards on the ground. While they'll likely get to the QB more, we can't be certain that this weakness has been fixed.

Sure, the extra pressure on the outside will alleviate some of the attention that is sent the way of Quinnen Williams, but against top-tier offensive lines, we can't be sure that the Jets' line will be able to stand up to the pressure.

As far as player personnel weaknesses, this unit looks to be fairly rock steady as there are depth pieces ready to step up in the case of an injury. This is one group that all Jets fans should feel confident in performing.

3. Who will be the biggest stud for the 2022 NY Jets defensive line?

While there's potential for at least three Jets to break out in 2022, this year could mark the long-awaited superstar season for Quinnen Williams that may highlight this team for the upcoming campaign.

His numbers haven't been incredible over his short NFL career, but when you look further into the impact that the younger Williams brother has on this Jets squad, it can't be understated how phenomenal and valuable he's been to the team.

The pressure on the outside from Lawson, Huff, Curry, and rookie Jermaine Johnson will certainly help. For the first time in Williams' career, he will be freed up to attack the middle of opposing offensive lines, and that could spell danger for them.

We may never see Williams rise to the level of an Aaron Donald (who could?), but if he can become a consistent force with all the talent around him on this line, he'll help this team will plenty of games. That may very well start happening in 2022.