NY Jets 2022 schedule: 5 upsets the Jets could cause

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The NY Jets recently saw their schedule for the upcoming year, and while fans still remain optimistic about the chances after such a positive off-season, make no mistake, the Jets are in for a tough year.

Even the most positive Jets fans can see how tough the schedule is up until the bye week in week 10, but given all the talents the Jets have added around their sophomore QB, not all hope is lost.

They'll likely come into each of their first nine games as an underdog, and while people like Brady Quinn expect the team to start 0-9, today we are continuing the Jets' good feelings and optimism that the squad has cultivated this off-season.

No one expects the Jets to win 12 or more games this season, but if they win the games they should and cause a few upsets, they'll surprise a few people. Today, we are going to pinpoint 10 games that the Jets shouldn't win, but certainly could cause an upset.

1. The NY Jets could upset the Baltimore Ravens in their home opener

This might sound crazy on the surface, but given all the factors that will go into the Jets and their home opener, occurring on the anniversary of 9/11, the emotions will be high and that could certainly help.

On the field, the Jets have improved quite a lot, and with some new corners and a great defensive line, they will certainly have a chance at stopping Lamar Jackson, even if that is way, way easier said than done.

The Ravens will always be tough, as they are one of the best organization's in the NFL, but with all factors considered, if the Jets can get to Week 1 with a clean bill of health, an upset here would really set the stage for what most Jets fans expect in the 2022 season.