NY Jets 2022 Ring of Honor class can inspire hope for 3 young Jets

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D'Brickashaw Ferguson can inspire Mekhi Becton's approach to becoming a cornerstone tackle

This comparison may rub some Jets fans the wrong way considering that D'Brickashaw Ferguson was a model of consistency and there was no drama involved in his time with the Jets, compared to an already rocky initial two seasons for Mekhi Becton.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson was a classic case of leading by example. He was one of the most durable Jets of all time, only missing one snap throughout his entire career simply due to the circumstance of the play.

Oftentimes, injuries can be simply based on luck. With Becton, he can't be faulted for having a player roll up on his leg in Week 1 of last season.

While much of the fan base has already sourced on the 2020 first-round pick, he still has a tremendous amount of talent with hopes of having this next season be a turning point for his career.

Becton still has all the potential to become the Jets' long-term answer to either the left or right tackle position. He flashed in his rookie season, and expectations should be set for this year to return to that level if not even higher in a pivotal year three for the Louisville product.

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Bringing the same amount of dedication and preparation as soon-to-be Ring of Honor inductee D'Brickashaw Ferguson will go a long way in cementing his status as a cornerstone tackle for the New York Jets.