NY Jets 2022 Ring of Honor class can inspire hope for 3 young Jets

NY Jets, Darrelle Revis
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The NY Jets recently announced that Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, and D'Brickashaw Ferguson will all be inducted into the team's Ring of Honor during the 2022 season. These inductions will be a tribute to three key pieces that brought the Jets to the cusp of their first Super Bowl appearance since 1969.

Each of these players dominated at their respective positions during their time with the Jets. Their contributions created a winning culture that fans have been holding onto as the organization is in the midst of more than a decade-long playoff drought.

Many fans have their initial or fondest memories from these foundational pieces that will rightfully so be cheered on during their induction ceremonies.

Although the circumstances are different in terms of where the Jets are now compared to when they drafted Revis, Mangold, and Ferguson, these players soon to be in the Ring of Honor mirror potential cornerstones at similar positions that are currently on the Jets roster.

Darrelle Revis can inspire Sauce Gardner to be CB1

Darrelle Revis was not only the definition of a true shutdown corner, but he also was the heartbeat of the Jets team during their back-to-back AFC Championship runs.

Revis played with no fear, and his dominance on the field allowed for the defense to be that much more flexible taking into account that the offense's top weapon would more often than not be a non-factor.

It also cannot be understated how important the "Revis Island" mentality was not only inside the locker room but for the fans as well. His play and demeanor provided an identity to that era of Jets football.

As the fourth overall pick in this year's draft, Sauce Gardner is coming in with lofty expectations to be able to be the next in line for Jets' shutdown corners. His attitude of wanting to guard the best guys is reminiscent of what fans expected from Revis nearly a decade ago.

Gardner has the opportunity to provide a similar spark as Revis in terms of having his blend of play and personality account for a renewed energy amongst Jets fans.

Through just over a month of officially being a New York Jet, Sauce Gardner seems to be bringing the right mindset to try and change the tides of the organization.

While he has much to show within actual games before being thought of in the same breath as Darrelle Revis, there is a lot he can learn from how the former Jet great as far as how to approach the game on and off the field.