NY Jets 2022 spring depth chart preview: Quarterbacks

NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Mike White
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Mike White / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

2. What are the cons of the 2022 NY Jets QB room?

While there's plenty to be excited about for this team in 2022, many of the same concerns from 2021 have carried over to this year. These fears will only be alleviated if Zach Wilson can perform on the field.

His inexperience, particularly against big-time teams with solid defenses will always be a worry, and his confidence may be shaky after a few mistakes. This is something the Jets are working to rectify, but it makes sense for fans to be worried.

We've seen just how dedicated Wilson is, and how hard he works, so come season's end, this may be completely irrelevant. But until we see his improvements on the field, there will always be doubts.

3. Who will be the biggest stud at QB for the NY Jets?

Unlike some other positions, this one is quite obvious as the Jets need Zach Wilson to be their best player if they are to exorcise the demons of the past 11 years and play meaningful games in December.

The 22-year-old has all the tools it takes to be successful, and with so many explosive athletes on the offense now, there are no excuses for him not to step up and potentially have some success during this rookie contract window.

Given all we've seen and heard, year two Wilson should be completely different than last year. With more size, confidence, weapons, and protection, the league could be put on notice in 2022 by Zach Wilson.