NY Jets: Complete 2021 fantasy football preview

NY Jets, Zach Wilson. Michael Carter
NY Jets, Zach Wilson. Michael Carter / Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com via Imagn
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NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com via Imagn

Final Summary

Every summer, hope springs eternal for NFL teams. The reality check of wins and losses is not in play right now, so most teams and those who follow them have great optimism. 

So it's reasonable for any outsider who reads this preview to perceive it as a "homer" piece.

Based on the results and their recent track record, the Jets have earned the ridicule, doubt, and all the slings and arrows they receive. And until proven otherwise, it is warranted and will continue. 

However, if the detractors and non-believers take a step back, do their homework, and honestly assess the situation, the Jets in 2021 will be vastly different and better than they have been on offense.

How much better remains to be seen, but the roster turnover and betterment can't be ignored.

Like anything in football, it all comes down to how good the quarterback is. In this case, a rookie QB in Zach Wilson, if you don't believe that he will be a good player, you won't touch any of the Jets skill players in fantasy football.

However, it's tough not to notice the talent that the team has put around him. It will be difficult for him to fail.

Based on their youth and inexperience and the unknowns surrounding them, the Jets in 2021 may not be ready for prime time yet.

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Still, I have a feeling, call it a hunch based on knowledge, that the Jets are on the road back to relevancy, and in 2021, fantasy owners will see that firsthand when the Jets' new skill position players emerge.

Buy low but don't be shocked if the returns are higher than anticipated.