NY Jets 2019 vs. 2022: Comparing Joe Douglas' first roster to the current team

NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Mike White
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Mike White / Danielle Parhizkaran/NorthJersey.com /
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While the results are yet to change for the NY Jets, Joe Douglas has done a great job of rebuilding this roster since he took over back in June of 2019, and this is no more evident than when taking a look at the depth chart of this squad.

A team that once lacked top-tier talent, depth, and any type of direction finally has all of that and then some. With the current youth movement, it's hard for Jets fans not to be optimistic about this team going forward.

The Jets will still have to prove this on the field behind second-year quarterback Zach Wilson, but so far in Douglas' tenure, the positives heavily outweigh the negatives.

So today, let's take a deeper dive into this idea and compare each position group from 2019 when Joe Douglas took over to the squad that will take the field for Gang Green in 2022.

The NY Jets are in a similar, but better position at QB

Zach Wilson, Mike White, Joe Flacco vs. Sam Darnold, Trevor Siemian, Luke Falk

Quarterback has been a position the Jets have been desperate to fill for decades now, and while Zach Wilson remains unproven, the optimism surrounding him and his talents is palpable. Now, he needs to go out there, improve, and show fans and the team what he can do.

This is eerily similar to the position the Jets found themselves in with Sam Darnold back in 2019, and unfortunately, all Jets fans are praying that this one doesn't turn out the way things did with Darnold.

While it may not be all Darnold's fault, the supporting cast around Wilson is just way superior to what his predecessor had. With improved depth, the Jets are putting their QBs in a much better position to succeed than the 2019 squad was given.

Verdict: Wilson is still unproven, but the overall build of the QB position from top to bottom means the 2022 squad is much stronger.