'Stacked' NY Jets can win 10 games in 2022 according to former NFL QB

NY Jets, Robert Griffin III
NY Jets, Robert Griffin III / David Becker/GettyImages

The NY Jets have enjoyed such a production offseason that one former NFL player believes the team can achieve double-digit wins in 2022.

Former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III has high expectations for Gang Green despite the Jets being slapped with one of the most difficult schedules in the league.

The Jets' recent history paints them as a lowly bottom-feeder team, but Griffin believes the team can win 10 games this season with Zach Wilson at the helm.

Griffin recently went on NFL Live to discuss the Jets' potential and didn't have a single bad thing to say about the team, praising New York's offensive and defensive improvements.

"The Jets, I think they have to win 10 games. That's the bottom line. It's time. The fans deserve it... It's not the end of the world if they don't win 10 games, but I think they certainly can this year. "

Robert Griffin III

NY Jets have the potential to win 10 games this season despite brutal schedule

Will Griffin's incredibly bold statement come true in 2022? Probably not.

The Jets posted six wins in their last two seasons combined, so 10 wins would be considered an implausible goal to most fans. The last time the Jets got double-digit victories was roughly seven years ago in 2015 at the start of the Todd Bowles era.

Now, in Robert Saleh's second year with the team, the media is clearly expecting a leap in team performance and an imminent end to the Jets' painful postseason drought.

Even considering the Jets' young and talented roster, 10 wins seems a bit unrealistic.

Rookie studs like Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner could make an immediate impact, elite starters like Carl Lawson could make a triumphant return from injury, and the still unproven Zach Wilson could see plenty of improvements in his game.

But by and large, the Jets' inexperience handicaps them against the playoff heavyweights on their brutal schedule.

Make no mistake, the Jets have done everything right this offseason, save for maybe trading for a veteran wide receiver.

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Without sounding too cynical, the Jets could reach maybe 5-7 wins comfortably this year, but 10 is likely more of a pipedream than anything. Still, one could dream.