NFL Twitter cries for NY Jets fans after Aaron Rodgers injury

You truly can't make this up.
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Elsa/GettyImages

You know that nightmare scenario that percolates throughout your subconscious? The one you hope would never come to pass? It just became a reality for the NY Jets, as Aaron Rodgers' home debut and unveiling as the new quarterback of this woebegone franchise lasted just a handful of plays.

Before he even completed a pass for the Jets, Rodgers landed awkwardly on his ankle and was carted to the locker room. Rodgers suffered what is being termed an ankle injury, though he was quickly ruled out before the first half of the game even came to a close.

Zach Wilson was back under center operating a Nathaniel Hackett offense after a year in which he was supposed to be kept in bubble wrap. The Jets' history of being snakebitten has once again shown up, as the hype around this season didn't even last one drive.

NFL Twitter wasn't having fun at the Jets' expense. Rather, they were pitying a fanbase that has had more negative breaks thrown their way than any reasonable group should expect to handle in a decade. The Week 1 hype has officially been killed in emphatic fashion.

NFL Twitter reacts to NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers ankle injury

Pat McAfee sympathized with Jets fans who just wanted to see a competent quarterback play for the first time in more than a decade, as he said Jets fandom is the league's most singularly painful experience.

Rodgers didn't even get to complete a pass, and now his health for a series of games against teams like the Eagles, Cowboys, and Patriots is in question. Are the Jets just simply not allowed to be a competent franchise that wins games?

Peyton Manning was inconsolable watching this injury happen live on the ManningCast. Manning, like many, thought his injury was going to be minor in nature and that he could get back on the field soon. Because it is the Jets, of course, that wouldn't happen.

The Jets went from the media darling of the offseason to the exact same place they were last year without Elijah Moore. Unless Rodgers heals up quickly, things could get nasty.