NFL QB Power Rankings: Ranking Zach Wilson and all 32 starting quarterbacks

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16. Carson Wentz (Indianapolis Colts)

• Cumulative ranking: 18.00
• Highest ranking: 16
• Lowest ranking: 23

Carson Wentz's numbers probably look a bit better than he actually was in 2021. This isn't to say that was bad — far from it. But Wentz wasn't as good as his 27-touchdown, seven-interception stat line will have you believe.

The Colts traded for Wentz in the offseason hoping to fill the hole left by Philip Rivers' retirement. Wentz got the job done and probably should have led his team to the playoffs if not for a Week 18 choke job against the Jaguars.

Ultimately, Wentz was aided significantly by a great offensive line and the best running game in football led by Jonathan Taylor. He was an average QB, at best, in 2021.

Interestingly enough, despite landing at No. 16 on our list, not a single voter ranked him higher than that.

15. Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

• Cumulative ranking: 16.50
• Highest ranking: 12
• Lowest ranking: 23

Matt Ryan is the forgotten QB of his era still kicking in the NFL at age 36. He just happens to play for a team that's no closer to contending than the Jets are at this very moment.

Ryan is still, by most accounts, a good NFL quarterback. He isn't the same player he was during Atlanta's magical Super Bowl run, but he has enough arm talent to lead his team to a few victories.

Unfortunately, the Falcons have done little to surround him with talent in recent years and seem to be just biding their time until they can get out of his contract.

The rankings were pretty diverse with Ryan, but a 15th-place spot is about right for the former league MVP.