NFL Power Rankings Week 10: NY Jets near the bottom, Cardinals rise to the top

NY Jets, Arizona Cardinals
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NY Jets, NFL Power Rankings
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26. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are another team that's probably better than their record suggests. Even at 3-6, they're coming off a blowout victory over the Lions and a tight loss to the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 9.

They run the football as well as any team in the league and their roster is a good mix of veteran and young players that create a competitive football team.

Still, they remain a pretty inconsistent squad and their quarterback position is still a question mark. They have a chance to make a playoff run, but it's more likely that they'll be focusing on their hefty draft capital before long.

25. Carolina Panthers

No team has fallen as far as the Carolina Panthers have over the last month or so. And it's hard to place the blame on anyone other than quarterback Sam Darnold.

Following a promising start to the season, Darnold has thrown eight interceptions to just two touchdowns in his last five starts. He hasn't scored a touchdown in nearly a month.

The offensive line is still a major issue and the wide receivers have disappointed, but Darnold's struggles have clearly held this team back.

Still, their defense is too talented and too much fun to watch for them to be any lower on this list, despite losing five of their last six games.