NFL Power Rankings Week 10: NY Jets near the bottom, Cardinals rise to the top

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NY Jets, NFL Power Rankings
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28. Miami Dolphins

Perhaps no team had less momentum than the Miami Dolphins heading into Week 9, but they still managed to score the win over a very bad Texans team.

They still can't run the football. Their offensive line is still a mess. And the drama stirred by the Deshaun Watson situation is still hanging over their heads.

But they did beat the Texans. And if Tua Tagovailoa is healthy, they can remain competitive in some games. Tua is playing at a higher level than he's given credit for.

That said, a Thursday night matchup against the Baltimore Ravens has a chance to get ugly.

27. Washington Football Team

One of the most disappointing teams of the 2021 season, Washington didn't play in Week 9, but that only served to extend their winless streak.

Washington hasn't won a game in over a month, and some of those games haven't been particularly close. Their once-dominant defense has completely fallen apart this season and their quarterback play has done them no favors.

This team has more talent than their 2-6 record would suggest, but until they start winning games, talent alone isn't going to help them make a postseason run.