NFL Power Rankings Week 10: NY Jets near the bottom, Cardinals rise to the top

NY Jets, Arizona Cardinals
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NY Jets, NFL Power Rankings
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8. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have proven this season that they know how to win ugly, that part isn't the problem. Unfortunately, their habit of winning close games probably isn't sustainable.

They needed overtime to beat both the Colts and Vikings and a 66-yard field goal to sneak past the Lions.

The defense is a shell of its former self and injuries have plagued the entire roster. What they do have going for them, however, is the man under center.

Lamar Jackson probably should be the MVP frontrunner and the Ravens will always have a chance to win games when he's playing quarterback.

7. Buffalo Bills

The Bills looked like one of the league's early Super Bowl favorites a couple of weeks ago. But after an unconvincing win over the Dolphins and a shocking loss to Jacksonville, some have reconsidered.

The Bills' defense is still one of the best in the NFL and their offense has plenty of talent. But they've hit a cold stretch on the offensive side of the ball and Josh Allen doesn't look like the same Josh Allen we saw last year.

This is still a very good team, but until they prove that they can beat the NFL's best, they might just find themselves outside the top five.