NFL Live crew's real-time reaction to Aaron Rodgers trade was a work of art

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Since the day Aaron Rodgers announced his intentions to play for the New York Jets, over one month ago, the league's rabid fanbase has been waiting for one thing: The OK.

Which side had more leverage? Which side was ready to compromise? And if, for whatever reason, the trade fell apart, what was the Jets' Plan B? Was Jordan Love available?

Well, wonder no more, because on Monday afternoon, Adam Schefter borrowed Adrian Wojnarowski's powers and dropped a bomb on the NFL universe.

A lucky few NFL fans -- who just so happen to also be reporters -- on ESPN's NFL Live were there to witness the destruction in real time.

Shoutout to Dan Orlovsky, Laura Rutledge, Marcus Spears, and Mina Kimes, who were captured on live television looking like they'd just seen several ghosts (after emerging from a darkness retreat).

Aaron Rodgers NY Jets Trade Reactions: Mina Kimes is speechless

Not sure we've seen Kimes express this much glee since the Giants drafted Daniel Jones No. 6 overall. And she's usually pretty gleeful! Mirthful, too! Still, even knowing that, this is probably still the high point.

Imagine having as much power as Schefty did in that moment, too? Imagine being able to bring reasonable people to their knees simply by listing compensation? I'm pretty sure, when he said "No. 13 overall," that Orlovsky started crying blood.

The "Art, But Make it Sports" Twitter account should have a field day with this one, if he hasn't yet. But, then again ... this was earth-shattering! None of this is an overreaction! One of history's great QBs just dictated his own future and opted to play for one of the league's most downtrodden franchises! It was either this or Zach Wilson!

Enjoy this, Jets fans. And keep on screaming, crying, and throwing up.