NFL Draft: NY Jets would have two top-7 picks if the season ended today

NY Jets, NFL Draft
NY Jets, NFL Draft / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The NY Jets have done at least one thing successfully so far this year: they have set themselves up for some pretty high draft picks in 2022.

After Week 10's results, New York would have the third and seventh overall picks in the 2022 NFL Draft if the season ended right now, according to Tankathon.

Their record is tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7), but based on their lower strength of schedule, the Jets win the tiebreaker and get the 3rd pick.

As for the seventh pick, that 2020 Jamal Adams trade is the gift that keeps on giving. Adams' new team, the Seattle Seahawks, currently rank last in the NFC West, and New York gets to profit from Seattle's struggles like the schadenfreudes they are.

The NY Jets currently own the third and seventh overall picks in the 2022 NFL Draft

In hindsight, New York absolutely fleeced the Seahawks for their first-round picks given how poorly Adams has played since the trade. Adams' only highlights are cringeworthy moments or, if you're a Seattle fan, moments that make you want to pull your hair out.

Seattle's Week 10 defeat means their first-round pick in 2022 would be the seventh overall selection, effectively giving New York two top-7 picks — if the season were to end today.

There's plenty of football left to be played, and after last week's upsets (the Lions didn't lose!), anything could happen.

Should the Jets end up with two very high picks in this year's draft, they need an upgrade at virtually every position, but those in direst need should be: tight end, safety, cornerback, and their offensive line.

Safety may be the most worrisome since franchise-tagged Marcus Maye's future with New York remains up in the air.

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The Jets did find some 2021 NFL Draft gems in second-rounder Elijah Moore and fourth-rounder Michael Carter, and fingers crossed they get a bit of good fortune this time around, too.