Jets should get crazy, try these 2 Davante Adams trades, and 2 for Kirk Cousins

Why not just throw caution to the wind and go all-in on this season?
New York Jets, Kirk Cousins
New York Jets, Kirk Cousins / Kevin R. Wexler/
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Kirk Cousins Trade Number 2

Like the second Adams proposal, the Jets could choose to simply give up picks for Cousins. It would hurt their immediate future in terms of draft capital, especially knowing what they gave up for Aaron Rodgers. New York would be out of quite a bit of draft picks in the coming draft or two, but again, it could mean a chance at a Super Bowl.

Cousins trade 2

In this deal, the Jets simply give up a second rounder in 2025 and a third rounder in 2024. This would also mean the Vikings have thrown the white flag on their 2023 season and are looking toward the 2024 NFL Draft to find their franchise quarterback of the future.

Back to New York for a moment. We haven't even talked about the defense, here. But, the Jets defense is of course one of the best in all of football. This is a unit that's ready to win. If the Jets can somehow figure out a way to score 25 points per game offensively, they will have a legitimate shot at winning it all.

Why wouldn't you do everything you possibly could, to win it this year, knowing Rodgers could come back in 2024 and give you a shot to do it again?