Jets should get crazy, try these 2 Davante Adams trades, and 2 for Kirk Cousins

Why not just throw caution to the wind and go all-in on this season?
New York Jets, Kirk Cousins
New York Jets, Kirk Cousins / Kevin R. Wexler/
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Davante Adams Trade Number 2

Another option to try and land Adams could be if the Raiders simply wanted draft capital in return. This is an organization that looks closer to a rebuild than they do competing, so stacking draft assets would be of interest to Las Vegas, rather than accumulating additional players.

Again, Adams' price would likely start at a first-round pick. He was traded to Las Vegas in exchange for a first and second rounder from Green Bay, and the price tag probably hasn't changed much in a little over a year.

Adams trade 2

In this deal, the Jets give up their first and sixth-round picks next year, along with a third rounder in 2025. The Raiders have to be happy with netting three picks for Adams, especially considering he just isn't happy there.

Don't forget, another aspect of this equation is how the Raiders handled the Derek Carr situation last year, treating him poorly and booting him out after he finished as the team's all-time leading passer. Carr and Adams are good friends and were college teammates, and that has to play into his unhappiness as well.