Nathaniel Hackett's hot seat gets even warmer with explosive SNY report

Hackett may be on borrowed time with the Jets
New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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The NY Jets hired Nathaniel Hackett to be the team's offensive coordinator based solely on his relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Considering his poor performance in just about every place he's been as a coordinator or head coach without Rodgers, his friendship with the Hall of Fame passer was worth its weight in gold.

When Rodgers went down four plays into the season, Hackett proved to be among the worst coordinators in the league when he helped a Zach Wilson-led offense crater to some of the worst marks in the league. In any other organization, Hackett would have been fired.

Instead, the Jets are running it back with Hackett, likely hinting that going from Rodgers to Wilson was such a shocking turn of events that any coordinator would have struggled. There may be some truth in that, but it doesn't seem like the Jets believe Hackett is going to be a game-changing play-caller.

According to Connor Hughes of SNY, the Jets tried to hire someone who would "essentially, replace Nathaniel Hackett" as the team's primary offensive mind by giving him a title above that of Hackett. Internally, the Jets have "legitimate concerns" about his ability to run an offense.

NY Jets considered replacing Nathaniel Hackett as OC in offseason

The Jets are banking on Rodgers being able to sand off the rough edges in Hackett's style. Sources close to Hughes recalled times during the summer when Rodgers would ignore Hackett's play calls and do his own thing. The Jets seem to have two simultaneous coordinators, one of whom happens to have 475 career touchdown passes and one of whom was almost demoted.

The Jets' offensive staff, consisting of an inordinate amount of former Tennessee Titans coaches who were so putrid they got a great coach in Mike Vrabel fired, leaves a lot to be desired.

Offensive line coach Keith Carter is regarded as one of the most disliked position coaches in the league, and quarterback coach Todd Downing stunk in both Oakland and Tennessee as a play-caller.

Rodgers will be able to paper over the cracks based on his sharp football mind and arm talent, but this will still be Hackett's show. yes, Rodgers won MVPs when Hackett was the coordinator in Green Bay, but asking a 40-year-old to be an all-time great off an Achilles injury is very risky.

The fact the Jets can't even fire arguably the worst offensive coordinator in the league and have to go down with the Rodgers-Hackett ship speaks volumes about how this team is run.