The last-ditch effort the NY Jets will make to help Zach Wilson

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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The NY Jets find themselves in an untenable situation when it comes to Zach Wilson heading into this offseason. Wilson will take up $10 million of cap space and has little to no trade value if the team were to cut their losses and try and see if anyone would take a chance on a reclamation project.

Looking back, Mike LaFleur and Robert Saleh went back and forth on whether or not it was the right move to start Wilson out of the game in his rookie year.

There have been acknowledgments about how the Jets were not able to respond as well as they could have following the loss of their initial plan for the quarterback out of BYU when Greg Knapp passed away.

While any organization would have a tough time dealing with the tragic fallout of something like that happening, the Jets didn't put Wilson in any better of a position heading into his second year with Rob Calabrese as the only person with the primary focus being his development.

It's important to note that most, if not all, of Zach Wilson's flaws are because of him, a coach didn't create them.

However, as long as the Jets plan to keep him on the roster, there should be a plan in place to try and see if he can bounce back from a horrendous two-year stretch even if it is simply to boost his trade value.

What plan do the NY Jets have for Zach Wilson in 2023?

The Jets will now seemingly be putting Zach Wilson in a mixed role of a development year (not ideal for a No. 2 overall pick in his third season) as well as possibly the leader for the backup quarterback role.

This assumes the Jets will get a proven veteran quarterback along the lines of Derek Carr or Jimmy Garropolo, which is the route they will likely take.

Quarterback will be what everyone focuses on for the team this offseason, but how they allocate their resources on the sidelines will also be worth noting.

If they do bring in an experienced mind on the sideline, how much of that person's attention will be focused on the present compared to trying to get the most out of Zach Wilson?

To make up for a lack of planning over the first two years, there might have to be a portion of the offensive staff fully dedicated to the reclamation project.

The Jets might not have the luxury to have a third quarterback option who they trust behind Wilson and whoever ends up being their starter due to their limited cap space.

While many Jets fans understandably want to throw in the towel on Wilson, the organization has put themselves in a hole where they will likely need to commit to him as part of the plan in the quarterback room in 2023.

With an extremely glass-half-full approach, the Jets would love to have Wilson remain as their long-term answer and have a quarterback like Carr or Garroppolo step in for a couple of years to take advantage of a young, talented nucleus until the 2021 draft pick is ready.

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However, heading into a season where jobs are on the line, the Jets might not be able to afford to waste their attention on such a long-shot idea.