Exclusive interview with Fayetteville State CB Joshua Williams: HBCUs, Senior Bowl, J. Cole, and more

NY Jets, Joshua Williams
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NY Jets, Joshua Williams
NY Jets, Joshua Williams / Andrew Craft via Imagn Content Services,

Favorite hobbies outside of football

JF: "Before we go, just a couple of quite-hitter questions to keep it light. What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of football?"

JW: "On the rare occasion that I'm not playing football, I like to watch movies. I play Madden on PlayStation. Call of Duty too. For a while I was fishing. I haven't been able to go fishing in a while, it's been a little cold, but hopefully I can get back out there and do that."

JF: "Are you a Franchise guy or Ultimate Team? What's your preference?"

JW: "I play Ultimate Team."

JF: "Ahh I see. See, I'm a Franchise guy, I haven't gotten Madden in a few years because unfortunately that mode's not doing so great." [laughs]

JW: [laughs] "I got you."

Go-to karaoke song

JF: "Lastly, what's your go-to karaoke song? It doesn't have to be your favorite song, but if a mic was put in front of your face right now, what are you singing?"

JW: "My favorite would have been some Alicia Keys, but if we're talking karaoke, it was that song from "Remember the Titans." It's like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

JF: "Oh yeah, Marvin Gaye. I love it. Hey man, I think you can hit those Alicia Keys notes, maybe you can get up there." [laughs]

JW: [laughs] "Nah, nah, nah."

JF: "Alright man, Joshua I appreciate you taking the time. I know you've got a busy few weeks coming up so best of luck with everything, and I'm pulling for you."

JW: "Yes sir, thank you so much. Thanks for having me my man."

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