Exclusive interview with Fayetteville State CB Joshua Williams: HBCUs, Senior Bowl, J. Cole, and more

NY Jets, Joshua Williams
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NY Jets, Joshua Williams
NY Jets, Joshua Williams / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Weirdest questions Joshua Williams was asked by NFL teams

JF: "Man, I always like asking this question. What was the wildest question you were asked throughout the entire draft cycle?"

JW: "The wildest question, just off the wall random, was what sport did my girlfriend play, how tall was she, and was she good? I don't know about that one, that's crazy."

JF: [laughs] "See, I don't understand what that information would do."

JW: "I don't either."

JF: "Maybe it's to see how you respond...but how tall she is? That's bizarre. That's very odd." [laughs]

Is Joshua Williams a J. Cole fan?

JF: "Finally, before I get to a couple of quite-hitter questions, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about the man who, I don't want to say put your city on the map because it's a big city, but someone who many associate with Fayetteville. And that's J. Cole. Are you a J. Cole fan? You have any favorite songs?"

JW: "Man, I think everybody's a J. Cole fan. He has a lot of great songs, but my favorite right now would probably be Work Out. It's a J. Cole classic. "

JF: "I'm partial to Change, I think that's an underrated song on "4 Your Eyez Only." Fantastic album, super underrated song. Of course, I had to ask you, being from Fayetteville." [laughs]

JW: [laughs] "Yeah man, I got you."