Joe Douglas would be insulting Jets fans by acquiring Sam Howell as backup QB

This move makes no sense whatsoever

Sam Howell
Sam Howell / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Joe Douglas and the NY Jets somehow saw Washington Commanders quarterback Sam Howell struggle to get anything positive going in a Christmas Eve loss in which Jacoby Brissett had to enter the game and came to the conclusion that he is a quarterback the team needs to get their hands on.

After the Zach Wilson disaster following the Aaron Rodgers injury, both Douglas and owner Woody Johnson signaled a desire to add an established veteran quarterback as a backup. That didn't stop SNY's Connor Hughes from letting slip the possibility the Jets will go in a completely different direction.

Hughes said that Howell has several fans inside the Jets building, with some believing he could eventually grow into a solid quarterback after marinating behind Rodgers for a few years. Does that sound familiar, Jets fans? It should!

While this is far from a declarative statement saying the Jets are in the process of trying to trade for Howell, the fact that rumors like this would even trickle out at least suggests the team could be entertaining such a move. If it happens, Douglas would be committing football malpractice.

NY Jets could be interested in Commanders QB Sam Howell

This is the exact same line of thinking that helped the Jets sink their season on the back of Wilson's arm. Being around Rodgers and learning through osmosis didn't do enough to save Wilson, and it won't be enough to instantly turn Howell into a quality replacement.

While Howell did throw for almost 4,000 yards and 21 touchdowns on a bad team, he also threw a league-leading 21 interceptions and lost his last eight games of the season. Washington, who will likely draft either Caleb Williams or Drake Maye to replace him, also saw him take an outrageous number of sacks (65, to be exact).

With Ryan Tannehill having been linked heavily to the Steelers, Howell's teammate Jacoby Brissett might be a more prudent option for the Jets to pursue. Brissett can quickly pick up an offense, make plays with his legs outside of the pocket, and make all the throws needed due to a solid arm.

Howell would be another Wilson-like developmental gamble, which is a luxury a GM on the hot seat like Douglas simply can't be afforded. Howell might be given a second chance elsewhere, but the Jets need to act like a contending team and look for a proven veteran instead of rolling the dice again.