Jets soil themselves in front of Taylor Swift, let up 17-point first quarter barrage

This game has started as poorly as possible for the Jets.

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets
Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The national media wasn't even entertaining the idea of the NY Jets competing with Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. Zach Wilson had no shot of hanging with Patrick Mahomes, and the Jets had to figure out a plan for slowing down Kelce in front of America's sweetheart and new romantic fling Taylor Swift.

Did the Jets manage to harness that underdog status and shock the world with a fast start? Not at all? In fact, they started so poorly that Robert Saleh's worst career performance (that 54-13 drubbing at the hands of the Patriots in 2021) might be topped by the end of the night.

Between Kelce finding the soft spot in the Jets' zone coverage, Isiah Pacheco breaking off the longest run of his career, and backup tight end Noah Gray ending up on the receiving end of a 34-yard pass from Mahomes, the Jets went down 17-0 at home before you could blink an eye.

NY Jets getting crushed by Kansas City Chiefs in front of Taylor Swift.

It's hard to find one part of the defense that isn't struggling. The defensive line has earned its fair share of criticism, as they haven't been able to touch Mahomes and have been thoroughly dominated on the ground. Kansas City's offensive line is clearly the aggressor.

While Quincy Williams made some nice individual plays in this game, he has been let down by CJ Mosley who missed multiple big tackles and is looking as slow as his age would indicate. Andy Reid seems to be locating 57 on every play and figuring out ways to attack him.

This has made it tough for Wilson and the team's offense to get out of first gear as well. The team mustered just two first downs in the first quarter, with Wilson once again missing open receivers. Murphy's Law is wrecking the Jets.

The Jets were set up to fail in primetime while the nation looked on, and they seemed destined to fail in every sense of the world. This game could get out of hand in historical fashion unless the Jets manage to get someone on either side of the ball to step up.