Jets fans can laugh at lukewarm Drake Maye review from Jerod Mayo

The Patriots don't seem wowed by their No. 3 pick.
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

NY Jets fans had to be a bit irritated by how lucky the New England Patriots got in the 2024 offseason after the end of the Bill Belichick regime. Not only were New York's most hated rivals so bad that they earned the No. 3 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but they also landed UNC star quarterback Drake Maye with that pick.

Maye looks like a much better prospect than Mac Jones, as his arm talent is significantly better and his athleticism several tiers above what the former first-round bust brought to the table. However, the Jets could take advantage of his reckless style of play early in his career.

Before that happens, Maye will need to beat out a well-traveled veteran in Jacoby Brissett. Based on the most recent comments from head coach Jerod Mayo, it seems like Maye might not be the Day 1 star many expected the No. 3 pick to be when he arrived in Foxborough.

Mayo was quoted as saying that Maye has "a lot to work on" and hinted at improvements that need to come after he arrives in New England. Starting Brissett for most of the season may not be what many Maye supporters and Patriots fans envisioned, but Jets fans could love watching New England twist in the wind.

NY Jets fans will love Patriots' lukewarm quotes on Drake Maye

Maye has a tremendous arm, but his propensity to make poor decisions when throwing the ball down the field and rudimentary college offense could lead to some early struggles. While Brissett carved up the Jets last year with Washington, the one-time New York backup QB target is by no means a high-end starting quarterback.

The Patriots are finally experiencing what the rest of the league went through for 20 years during the Tom Brady era. With the Jets in a position to put together arguably their best team in over a decade, New England's decision to move in a different direction could not have come at a better time.

After years of the Patriots squashing the Jets, New York is heading into their second consecutive season as a much more complete team. Aaron Rodgers and the Jets' new-look offense are title contenders, while New England is projected to be among the worst teams in the AFC.

While the Jets try to ride a Hall of Fame quarterback to a championship, the Patriots will be riding the rookie roller coaster with Maye. The tables seem to have turned after decades of futility.