Exclusive interview with Iowa State TE Charlie Kolar: Senior Bowl, spaghetti controversy, and more

NY Jets, Charlie Kolar
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NY Jets, Charlie Kolar
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Charlie Kolar's favorite hobbies outside of football

JF: "Finally, let's just finish with a couple of fun, non-football questions. What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of football? When you're not playing football, what are you doing?"

CK: "I mean, I'll have a few beers from time to time. I live in Iowa, so it's not nice often, but when it is nice, I like to go outside, go to the lake. My dad was a big national park guy. He'd always take our family on national park trips out west, so I love to go hiking and stuff when we have time. I don't really game that much. I play some Rocket League, but I don't play that many video games."

JF: "What's your beer of choice?"

CK: "Ah man. I'm from Iowa, and I think people exclusively drink Busch Light where I'm from. At tailgates, when we pull up for games, that's the only beer I see. I'm not kidding. I'm going to go with Busch Light. It's a good beer. Can't deny it."

JF: "It seems like an Iowa staple. I've never been there, but I can imagine Busch Light being the National Beer of Iowa." [laughs]

CK: [laughs] "It tastes better in Iowa, I will say."

JF: "See, I live in Germany right now, and I do not like beer. So I feel like someone like me is wasted here, whereas someone you, who enjoys beer, would definitely like it more."

CK: "Ah, that's a shame that you don't like beer in Germany. There's a good little German-ish beer join in Des Moines and they have those boots with the beer. There are some good spots."

JF: "That German Busch Light." [laughs]

CK: "Yeah, I tried to order a German Busch Light and they actually knew what I was talking about." [laughs]

Go-to karaoke song

JF: [laughs] "I love it. Lastly, if you had to pick your go-to karaoke song, what would it be? So not like your favorite song, but if you had a mic in front of your face right now, what are you singing?"

CK: [laughs] "Shallow, from "A Star is Born."

JF: "Aaaah some Lady Gaga, OK."

CK: "I mean, I can't hit a single note, but somehow that song came on during karaoke night when me and my buddies were out, so it just turned into a good song for us."

JF: "Look, someone else answered that with Alicia Keys, and I'm not sure they're hitting those notes either." [laughs]

CK: "I mean Girl on Fire is a great song. I don't know why, but sometimes it's more fun to sing the female singers because you even more can't hit the notes. [laughs] Like if you sing Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw, maybe you can get some of the notes. But like when you're drinking and your confidence is up, you're thinking 'oh man, I could crush Lady Gaga.' It's fun, though. Karaoke is always fun when you have a few beers."

JF: "Oh, it's amazing. I don't know if you could hit that long note at the end of Live Like You Were Dying, but I'd be impressed if you could."

CK: "I would say that Live Like You Were Dying is number two. That's a great song for karaoke too."

JF: "Yes it is. Very sad song, but a great song. Alright Charlie, I really appreciate you taking the time and I want to wish you the best of luck with the draft later this month, I know you have a busy few days coming up. Maybe you come to the Jets who knows, but either way man, I really appreciate you taking the time."

CK: "This was easy, thanks for having me on."

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