Exclusive interview with Iowa State TE Charlie Kolar: Senior Bowl, spaghetti controversy, and more

NY Jets, Charlie Kolar
NY Jets, Charlie Kolar / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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NY Jets, Charlie Kolar
NY Jets, Charlie Kolar / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

Reuniting with his brother at Iowa State

JF: "Right, makes sense. Now you played a lot of football with your older brother, John, growing up. He was your quarterback in high school. Now he originally went to Oklahoma State, but he did transfer to Iowa State for his final season in 2019. How cool was it to be reunited with him once again on the same team?"

CK: "It was awesome. I didn't think I'd ever be able to step on the field with him again. And he did a great job being in the quarterback room, being a veteran presence in [Brock Purdy]'s ear, and talking to me about stuff too. He was just a great teammate and he's a great brother."

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Deciding to return to college as a result of a coin flip?

JF: "There was some talk of you going pro after your junior year, but you ultimately decided to return. Now, you made that decision in a very unorthodox way. I believe you flipped a coin, is that correct?"

CK: [laughs] "Yeah, I mean it's not the whole thing. My parents taught me that if you were really undecided on a decision, just flip a coin and tell yourself you're going to do it based on the outcome. And it'll tell you how you really feel based on the coin flip. I actually don't remember what [side] it flipped on, but I do remember doing that. It was a little overblown, but it's just funny."

JF: [laughs] "The headline definitely reads better as 'Iowa State tight end Charlie Kolar makes his decision based on a coin flip.' When in reality, regardless of how it landed, you knew internally that feeling you got."

CK: "I mean there's no way the media would ever write an article that's overblown something, right? Never." [laughs]

JF: [laughs] "Never! Never happened before."

CK: "I remember the person who wrote it. It was funny. He was just laughing. But it was a good story"