Is there still hope for NY Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims?

NY Jets, Denzel Mims
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NY Jets, Denzel Mims
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Denzel Mims' struggles with the NY Jets

Reviewing his situation from the outside looking in, the answer ultimately lies with the coaching staff and the scheme that they run.

Mike LaFleur’s Kyle Shanahan-influenced offense requires receivers lower on the depth chart to be versatile players who are able to occupy the positions with ease. This is where Denzel Mims falls short.

He does not have anywhere near the versatility that a receiver such as Elijah Moore has, and this has certainly caused the slide down the depth chart.

At around 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, Mims' skill set lies predominantly in his aerial threat ability and with his ability to be a bully in contested catch situations.

These were some of the positives in his draft profile, but he has not been able to showcase any of these talents at the next level, and the coaching staff and front office have certainly picked up on this. He does not have the talent in their eyes to line up outside consistently in their offensive scheme.

If a player does not possess this ability, the coaching staff looks for versatility and use in other areas within the offense, yet, Mims does not seem to be able to perform in these roles either.

It is evident in Braxton Berrios' recent extension that he is a player much more highly valued in this scheme than Denzel Mims. Berrios is not a WR1 or WR2, yet he can be used with results in the slot and in packages where, on occasion, he can occupy the outside.

Mims, however, is not of use to this offense in the slot and does not have the ability to knock Corey Davis and Elijah Moore out of the one and two spots on the depth chart. This is a primary reason why Mims has not been able to see the field as much as the fan base would have hoped.