Grading the NY Jets' last 10 first-round draft picks

NY Jets, Sauce Gardner
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2017, 6th overall: Jamal Adams, S, NY Jets

Grade: A-

In the 2017 draft, the Jets earned the sixth overall pick. They chose Jamal Adams, a safety from LSU. Considered probably the best overall player in the draft but not playing a premium position, Adams slipped to the Jets and immediately flashed his impact status.

In his three seasons with the Jets, Adams tallied 273 tackles, 12 sacks, 43 TFLs, two interceptions, and six forced fumbles. He made the Pro Bowl twice with the Jets and was voted an All-Pro after the 2019 season.

However, his future as the Jets leader was short-lived. After the 2019 season, Adams demanded a long-term contract extension despite two seasons left on his rookie deal.

Because of his versatility, Adams wanted a deal closer to superstar defender status instead of a deal similar to other safeties. The Jets, tentative to make such a deal and set a precedent for other young players, traded Adams for two first-round selections to the Seattle Seahawks.

Those picks would come in handy in future years.

Despite only three years with the team, Adams was a legitimate star on the defense. He was, at the time, the unquestioned best safety in the league, and something needs to be said for the Jets to select him sixth overall.

Although the 2017 draft featured Patrick Mahomes at tenth overall, Adams was the right choice at the time and was an immediate impact player. His value in the trade only increased his grade in my mind.