Former NY Jets WR Mecole Hardman magically predicted Super Bowl matchup

Mecole Hardman was right all along...
NY Jets, Mecole Hardman
NY Jets, Mecole Hardman / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Former NY Jets wide receiver Mecole Hardman will be looking for the third Super Bowl ring of his career when his Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in two weeks.

It's been a long journey back for Hardman, who signed a one-year contract with the Jets this past offseason, only to fall out of favor with the coaching staff and be shipped back to Kansas City for the remainder of the season.

Back when Hardman was still with the Jets in the summer, he appeared alongside his teammates on last year's season of HBO's "Hard Knocks." One specific moment from that show has resurfaced in light of recent events.

Hardman predicted the future. Well...sort of.

Did former NY Jets wide receiver Mecole Hardman predict the Super Bowl?

Famous magician Oz the Mentalist made an appearance on "Hard Knocks" this past summer. During one segment, Hardman was asked by the magician to predict who he and his teammates would be playing in the Super Bowl this season.

Oz had already written the projected Super Bowl matchup on a dry-erase board, and Hardman's job was to essentially predict the Jets' opponent. The trick was that whichever team Hardman picked would be written on the board when it was revealed.

Sure enough, the board was revealed to show the Jets defeating the 49ers in the Super Bowl by a final score of 31-21 — the exact score Hardman predicted.

Of course, the Jets aren't in the Super Bowl, but Hardman and his Chiefs are. His job was to predict who he would be playing in the Super Bowl this season, and he got it right. Hardman's team is facing the 49ers for the Lombardi Trophy next month.

The Jets certainly wish Hardman's prophecy had come true before he was traded, but perhaps that's the price the team should pay for what was an absolute bust of a signing to begin with.

Hardman played just 28 offensive snaps for the Jets, catching one garbage-time pass for six yards before he was sent back to Kansas City for an exchange of future late-round draft picks.

Despite promising Hardman an expanded role upon his signing, the Jets buried him on the depth chart in a lackluster wide receiver room. Hardman hasn't done much since returning to Kansas City, though, so it's not like the Jets missed out on much. They probably just should've never signed him in the first place.

Regardless, Hardman might have the last laugh if his team is able to win their third Super Bowl in the last five years. Just remember, if it happens, Hardman basically predicted it.