Will fan pressure cause the NY Jets to change their uniforms?

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Jets Twitter has had quite the effect on its own team. It seems like for the first time in ages, the NY Jets fanbase is precipitating changes, not only by galvanizing its own to support the team but making their voices heard to the people in power.

And a great thing is happening. The Jets leadership is listening. The team might still be losing, but Jets Twitter has been scoring some victories.

Look no further than the recent examples of Elijah Moore's late rally to win NFL Rookie of the Week or the fanbase forcing management to abandon green pants during a road game against Indianapolis, where the Jets, for the first time, adopted a white jersey, black pants look.

There are two main areas that the Jets fanbase would love to see changed in the future, besides the all-important team's current run of losing.

Moving the team to its own stadium, which in his defense, Woody Johnson tried nearly two decades ago, but it was unfortunately shut down by political figures with not-so-hidden agendas. That's a story for another time.

Getting the team its own stadium and back in New York seems like a pipedream, even if that's something that Jets owner Woody Johnson has always wanted.

However, the one thing that seems inevitable at some point, that an overwhelming number of Jets fans want, is for the team to change its current look.

Will the NY Jets change their uniforms again?

Whether that means simply tweaking and updating the uniforms to scrap the current logo and perhaps revamping the Jets beautiful and team name appropriate logo of the 80s and '90s or a complete overhaul of the Jets uniforms that the team has worn since 2019, Jets fans want a new look for their team.

They are not picky — they'd even settle for the old ones.

There are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to NFL teams changing their uniforms, colors, or logo. You can't just wake up one day and decide to do it.

But it seems like the Jets organization led by Woody Johnson would be doing themselves an enormous service by listening to arguably one of the most loyal fanbases in all sports.

Make no mistake, what matters the most is the Jets changing their losing ways and culture by becoming relevant contenders like they were in the late '90s to the 2011 season. A forgotten aspect in the whole 'the Jets have always been awful narrative.'

Believe it or not, there was a time that started during the Bill Parcells era, and the purchase of the Jets by Woody Johnson, that the franchise was competent and relevant.

The Jets had several winning seasons, very few losing years, won divisions, playoff games, went to three AFC Championship games, and fielded some of the NFL's very best players of all time, like Curtis Martin, Kevin Mawae, Darrelle Revis, and many others.

In the grand scheme of things, perhaps the laundry means very little. And the truth is that the uniforms always look better when you win. There's no question about that.

But the Jets' current look is an uninspiring one that doesn't fit the team's theme properly, except for maybe its polarizing all-black stealth look, which admittedly is a sore spot for some longtime Jets fans that I personally like.

The Jets' current logo, for me, is as lame and unimaginative as it gets. Nothing about it says 'Jets' other than the spelling. Even the Alliance of American Football's Memphis Express did a better job incorporating the flight theme than the Jets current logo.

It won't happen overnight. And there's no doubt that just because a majority of fans want something, it doesn't mean that it's always going to be a good thing. But the Jets and their brain trust need to listen to their fanbase and remodel their current look and uniforms.

It could be as simple as going back to uniforms of the Joe Namath era or the Kelly Green uniform/Jet logo era. But perhaps, a 2021/2022 idea would be to allow your fanbase into the process. It sounds radical, but let them help you decide how the team should look.

After all, the right approach has always been that it's the fan's team first. Above the decision-makers, coaches, and even the players, give the Jets fans what they want. It's their team.

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Trust me, when Johnson and the Jets decide to make the change, it will be universally accepted and celebrated. Not quite like winning a championship, but perhaps it can be the franchise's first step back towards one again.