Everyone is gushing over the NY Jets defensive line

The Jets' defensive line is good. Like really good. Like really, really good.
NY Jets, Bryce Huff, Jermaine Johnson
NY Jets, Bryce Huff, Jermaine Johnson / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The NY Jets can legitimately claim to have the best defensive line in the NFL, and if that wasn't already apparent going into the preseason, the unit has done its best to solidify that notion.

The Jets' defensive line has absolutely dominated in the preseason. The biggest reason for that is the sheer depth of this defensive line. Their backups are better than a lot of teams' starters.

That's why it's safe to say that the New York Giants' backup offensive line was no match for the Jets' starters — or backups, for that matter — during the team's preseason matchup on Saturday.

Jermaine Johnson and Bryce Huff each notched sacks in the first half, both working against Giants left tackle Matt Peart. It was a typical performance from the Jets' defensive line, and many neutral observers tuning in just had to share their awe and appreciation.

The NY Jets have the best defensive line in the NFL

It's not necessarily the top-end talent on the Jets' defensive line that makes the unit elite — although Quinnen Williams proved last season that he's one of the best overall defensive players in football. Instead, it's their ridiculous embarrassment of riches.

The Jets' starting defensive line roughly consists of Carl Lawson, John Franklin-Myers, Quinnen Williams, and Quinton Jefferson. Of course, who actually "starts" is semantics, but it really doesn't matter.

A defensive line featuring Jermaine Johnson, Bryce Huff, Will McDonald, Micheal Clemons, Al Woods, and Solomon Thomas would be better than a lot of starting units around the NFL. That's probably a league-average unit.

Again, those are the Jets' backups. The Jets' backup defensive line is probably around a league-average starting defensive line in the NFL. That's just not fair.

It isn't a surprise to see the Jets' defensive line dominating in the way that it has this summer. The only surprise is that many seemingly haven't caught on to it yet.

The Jets have the deepest defensive line in the NFL. I don't think that can be disputed anymore.