Disappointing with an Asterisk: Corey Davis' first season with the NY Jets

NY Jets, Corey Davis
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Corey Davis - American Football Wide Receiver
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NY Jets fans should not give up hope on Corey Davis just yet. The receiver produced to a respectable degree during his first season with the team while being hampered by many factors outside of his control.

In fact, I would argue that Davis would have had a statistically stronger season if any of the following statements had been true: the QB play was more consistent, Moore and Carter played well while Davis was healthy, or if Davis had the ability to finish the season.

All three of those points were out of Davis' control this season, however, and set the wide receiver up for failure.

Overall, heading into this season, it would have been disappointing to hear that Davis would post fewer than 500 yards.

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However, look for a bounce-back season next year from Davis once he is healthy and acclimated to a new and hopefully improved offense.