Derek Carr and the 3 most realistic QB options for the NY Jets in 2023

NY Jets, Derek Carr
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3. The NY Jets re-sign Mike White and sign a competent backup

The Mike White scenario largely depends on how he plays over the final two games of the season (and perhaps the postseason). White has earned the right to play himself into 2023 consideration, but there are still various variables at play.

For instance, if White helps the Jets win their final two games and leads them to the playoffs, his case for 2023 becomes stronger. It becomes even stronger if he manages to win a playoff game or two.

White has already made an outstanding impression in his starts this season, but there's a lot at stake — both for the player and the team. The Jets are looking to make one final playoff push while White is looking to stake his claim as the guy the Jets should build around.

That said, it's hard to imagine White is able to do enough to be considered the undisputed guy moving forward. At best, the Jets would likely sign a high-level backup to provide insurance behind White in 2023.

Think of someone like Jacoby Brissett or even Gardner Minshew. A player who can serve as a fringe starter in case White falters or even extra insurance in the scenario that White misses time.

Having a capable backup would be extremely important if the Jets ultimately did decide to re-sign White and make him the starter. Right now, White isn't at that level yet. He hasn't done enough to prove to the Jets that he deserves to start next season, but there's still time.

The next two weeks are an audition for Mike White. The Jets will determine whether or not he gets the gig.