Clueless Nathaniel Hackett press conferences proves Jets OC is in over his head

Hackett clearly has no idea what he is doing
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

It seems as though the only reason the NY Jets have not fired offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is his friendship with star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Based purely on performance, nothing Hackett has done this year qualifies him to run an NFL offense.

The injuries have been brutal, but Hackett's offense ranks near the bottom in almost every major category, has just seven passing touchdowns all year long, hasn't scored more than 13 points in over a month, and went 41 drives without a touchdown. To make matters worse, his press conference answers border on parody.

When asked why the Jets' offense (outside of the Kansas City game) has become the joke of the league, Hackett again said the Jets need to "execute" better. However, he also said they need better plays (literally his job). Which is it, Nate? Is it execution or a lack of offensive creativity from you?

NY Jets OC Nathaniel Hackett has clueless answers for offensive struggles

When asked to discuss Breece Hall, whom Robert Saleh called out for not grinding out "grimy" yards, Hackett said the Jets "gotta get more plays." The irritating vagueness of this word salad is astounding, as Hackett barely understands why his offense is failing.

Hackett continued to flip-flop when asked if the Jets' struggles were due to him or the players not executing. It's hard to ask an offense that has played 13 offensive linemen and has Zach Wilson and Tim Boyle playing QB to execute anything, but Hackett hasn't made it easy.

In the coup de grace that helped erode whatever confidence fans may have had in Hackett, the embattled OC said that he is pressing too. Why, you may ask? Because he's "experimenting with too many new things or trying to take too many shots."

Think about what this quote means. An NFL coordinator in charge of the most pathetic offense in the league with the most limited verticality in the sport believes the Jets might be too aggressive. The Jets could come out in the flexbone and run the triple option like a service academy, and they still wouldn't be as conservative as what Hackett is doing now.

The most concerning part about the Jets' offense isn't the failing. With so few standout players, that is expected. The problem is that Hackett seems to have no idea why they are failing. Hackett needs to donate most of his salary to Rodgers, because he would not be employed without it.