C.J. Mosley talks Aaron Rodgers return, Quincy Williams, and NY Jets defense in interview

  • The rise of Quincy Williams
  • Just how good is this Jets defense?
  • Will Aaron Rodgers return this season?
  • Funniest teammates?
NY Jets, C.J. Mosley
NY Jets, C.J. Mosley / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The NY Jets defense is playing at an absurdly elite level this season, and while much of the attention often goes to their star defensive backs and pass rushers, perhaps the most indispensable player in this Jets defensive unit is C.J. Mosley.

The longest-tenured non-special teams player on the roster, Mosley is the heart and soul of this Jets defense. He's their team captain and defensive stalwart and has been the model of durability and consistency this season.

He also just so happens to be playing some of the best football of his entire, potentially Hall-of-Fame-worthy career. Mosley's value to this Jets team cannot and should not be understated.

Mosley recently teamed up with Campbell's Chunky as part of the company's Chunky Sacks Hunger program, a platform aimed at ending food insecurity. We recently sat down with C.J. to discuss his partnership with Campbell's Chunky and a number of Jets-related topics.

The full interview can be found by clicking this link or by visiting The Jet Press YouTube channel. Below is a partial transcription of our conversation.

C.J. Mosley on his partnership with Campbell's Chunky

Justin Fried: "So you’re here today on behalf of Campbell’s Chunky and the Chunky Sacks Hunger program. Why don’t you tell me a little about that campaign, how you got started with it, and why it’s so important to you?"

C.J. Mosley: "Campbell's actually partners with the Jets. It's an honor to represent the Jets and Campbell's. With every sack from a defensive player, the NFL and Campbell's will give out a free meal. Our Jets defense, we pride ourselves on our defensive line, so it's good to know that all our hard work will pay off for people in need. I'm just happy to be a part of it.

C.J. Mosley on the growth and maturation of Quincy Williams

JF: "Let's talk about the Jets defense because you guys have been balling. Now, you obviously have an All-Pro resume — you're PFF's No. 1 ranked linebacker this year. But right there alongside you is Quincy Williams. What’s it been like seeing the growth and maturation of Quincy this year? What have you seen from him that’s allowed him to take his game to an elite level?"

CM: "I would say it's mental preparation. The physicals he'll always have. That's God-given. His speed and physicality will always be there. The way you separate yourself is through your mental preparation, your studying, and taking care of your body when you're not in the building. Being beside him has made my job a lot easier. His communication has gotten a lot better every single week. It allows him to fly around fast. And when he's playing fast and not thinking, we're a dangerous team."

Is the NY Jets defense the best defense C.J. Mosley has played on?

JF: "You’ve played on some really talented defenses in your football career, going back to your time in Baltimore and honestly even your Alabama days. How does this Jets defense stack up and compare to the other top defenses you played on?"

CM: "Where we are right now, year three or four of everyone being together on the defense, as far as the coaches and the players, it's definitely up there. Top five or wherever people want to rank them. A great defense is one that communicates. One that's not only hanging out inside the building but outside the building as well. We understand each other without having to talk as much. We understand what each player is trying to do on the field. That's what makes our job easy on defense — being able to communicate without having to talk all the time. Just being able to give a head nod or throw a signal up and everyone is on the same page. A defense that plays fast and communicates is always going to be a great defense."

Does C.J. Mosley believe Aaron Rodgers is coming back this season?

JF: "I feel like I have to ask you this before we end. Do you believe Aaron Rodgers is coming back this season?"

CM: "If he says it, I believe it. He's improving each and every time we see him in the building or at the stadium. Whatever he's doing, as long as it's legal, keep doing it, and we'll see you on the field [chuckles]."

JF: "I feel like that's how all Jets fans feel right now. If he's saying it, let's hope he can come back."

CM: "We all got to play our part. He's a smart person — he's been in this league a long time. As much as he wants to play, if we're not doing the things we need to do right now, it might not look how we want it to look. It would be great to have him back, but we still have to own our jobs and play our parts. Just handle our stuff on the field, and when we get 'A' back on the field, it's going to be for the right time."

Who is the funniest player on the NY Jets roster?

JF: "Who is the funniest player in the Jets locker room?"

CM: "Oh, that's easy, it's Quincy [Williams]. Even if he's not telling a joke, he's laughing. Definitely Quincy. No. 2 I'll go with....nah, I'll just leave it at Quincy [chuckles]. He's got it, hands down."

JF: "He's got that Williams brother smile. That infectious energy. I've also heard Michael Carter (recorded before his release) for that as well."

CM: "Yeah, Michael Carter can be in there as well. He can be my No. 2. The running back, not Michael Carter II."