C.J. Mosley's contract named the worst on the NY Jets roster

NY Jets, C.J. Mosley
NY Jets, C.J. Mosley / Al Pereira/GettyImages

The NY Jets love CJ. Mosley for a variety of reasons: his leadership, solid production, work ethic, and ultra-competitive mindset. They're just not crazy about his contract.

New York snatched Mosley from the Baltimore Ravens back in 2019, luring him away with a five-year, $85 million dollar contract, $51 million of which is guaranteed. Years later, that signing may not have been then-GM Mike Maccagnan's smartest move.

Bleacher Report's Alex Ballentine listed every NFL team's worst contract heading into the offseason based on three main criteria: money owed, performance relative to cost, and player mobility (can the team move on easily).

Per Ballentine, Mosley has the worst deal on the Jets given how he hasn't exactly lived up to expectations — or his sky-high price point.

"There are only six inside linebackers scheduled on contracts next season that carry an average value north of $14 million. Unfortunately for the Jets, C.J. Mosley is one of them. The 29-year-old is set to cost the team $17.5 million next season, with an even bigger dead cap charge ensuring that he will be on the roster. "

Alex Ballentine

Mosley's signing broke barriers in linebacker contracts around the league, and not in a good way. The Jets will be forced to absorb his $17.5 million dollar salary in 2022, as it would cost the team more than $20 million to cut him.

NY Jets' C.J. Mosley is the most overpaid player on the team

While Mosley has proved useful and reliable in the Jets' defense, his on-field play doesn't reflect his ridiculously high salary.

Mosley completely reset the off-ball linebacker market with his contract, but since his signing, he's made meager impacts in the defense. He missed pretty much all of the 2019 season due to injury, opted out in 2020, and this past season he has exemplified a true leader...in everything but his production numbers.

In 16 games, Mosley recorded 168 combined tackles, two sacks, two passes defended, and two forced fumbles. Ballentine adds: "Teams found him as the weak link routinely, targeting him 68 times for 58 completions, 525 yards and three touchdowns for a passer rating of 113.5."

Compared to his peers, too, Mosley has vastly underperformed.

Darius Leonard of the Indianapolis Colts and Fred Warner of the San Francisco 49ers, who command roughly the same salary as Mosley, have contributed much more to their respective teams.

Pro Football Focus ranked both Leonard and Warner in the top-10 of all inside linebackers in 2021; Mosley didn't even make the list.

The Jets will hang onto Mosley for one more season, but beyond that, he will serve as little more than dead weight and will very likely be released following the 2022 season when the Jets first have an out in his contract.

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Mosley's contract stands out more than he, as a player, ever could.