Bettors are sticking to 'Same Old NY Jets' in playoff odds

Bettors REALLY don't think the Jets will make the playoffs in 2023
NY Jets
NY Jets / Elsa/GettyImages

The NY Jets are hoping to put an end to their longstanding 12-year playoff drought this season. The hope is that the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers could carry the team back to the postseason for the first time since 2010.

However, not everyone seems to believe that's going to happen.

According to BetMGM, more people have bet against the Jets to make the playoffs this season than any other team in the NFL. A whopping 78 percent of bettors have placed money on the +115 odds that the Jets will fail to qualify for the postseason.

Despite Vegas oddsmakers supporting the Jets, the betting public has spoken. Almost 80 percent of bettors believe the Jets will miss the playoffs in 2023.

People continue to doubt the NY Jets

The Jets have received more attention and have been the subject of more headlines than probably any team this offseason. The addition of Aaron Rodgers has breathed new life into the organization and has many believing the Jets are serious Super Bowl contenders.

Not everyone is on board, though. Plenty of people — specifically bettors — are of the opinion that the Jets will underachieve this season. Part of that might be due to the competition the Jets face.

The AFC is loaded with talented teams, and the AFC East, in particular, has a case to be the strongest division in the NFL. There will be at least 1-2 good AFC teams that miss out on the playoffs entirely.

That said, this Jets' team is as talented as pretty much any other roster in the NFL. Rodgers gives the Jets a Hall-of-Fame-caliber quarterback, but it's easy to overlook just how impressive the rest of the roster is.

This is a Jets team that boasts the reigning Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year. They have three All-Pros on defense. They have a young running back who was the odds-on favorite for Rookie of the Year before his injury.

There are plenty of reasons to believe in this Jets team entering the 2023 season. Of course, others might not be as sold on Rodgers and the Jets.

Perhaps they believe Rodgers' decline is real and that last season was a sign of things to come. Perhaps they have serious concerns about the state of the Jets' offensive line. Maybe they're just not believers in the current coaching staff.

Whatever the case, one thing is clear. Despite the seemingly endless media attention, the Jets are still underdogs in the eyes of the football world.

Until the Jets prove that they belong amongst the NFL's elite, they will continue to be overlooked. That's the reality for a franchise that has been one of the league's perennial losers for the better part of the last decade.

Winning is the only thing that will change that narrative.