Bart Scott believes the NY Jets should start Joe Flacco over Zach Wilson

NY Jets, Joe Flacco
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The NY Jets are expected to start Zach Wilson at quarterback in Week 4 barring any setbacks from the second-year QB. That means that veteran Joe Flacco's time in the limelight has likely come to an end.

However, not everyone agrees that the Jets should start Wilson in Week 4. In fact, multiple former Jets believe that Flacco should continue to start even if Wilson is healthy.

Former Jets linebacker Bart Scott said on the SNY postgame show following the Jets' Week 3 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals that the team should start Flacco in Week 4, even if Wilson is fully healed. Fellow former Jet Willie Colon agreed with him.

Scott's rationale was that the Jets' pass protection is such a concern that he doesn't want the coaching staff to throw Wilson to the wolves against a dangerous pass rush.

It's safe to say, that isn't going to be part of the consideration process for the Jets.

The NY Jets must (and will) start Zach Wilson in Week 4 if he's healthy

Let's get one thing straight first — the Jets will start Wilson in Week 4 if he's healthy. There will be no discussion about waiting a week because of offensive line concerns. If Wilson is healthy, he's playing.

The Steelers pass rush is daunting, but it's not nearly as terrifying with T.J. Watt sidelined. On top of that, the Jets need a quarterback who can extend plays. They need someone who isn't a statue ala 37-year-old Joe Flacco back there.

The entire 2022 season is about figuring out what the Jets have in Wilson. After missing the first three weeks of the season, the former second overall pick needs as many live reps as possible at this point.

The Jets' offensive line has been bad and injuries at the offensive tackle position could force Conor McDermott into the starting lineup. That said, no NFL team has ever made a decision to bench a young quarterback out of fear that their offensive line wouldn't hold up.

It's a short-sighted, fear-based decision that the Jets aren't going to consider.

Next. 4 changes the NY Jets must make including benching a defensive starter. dark

We've seen enough of Joe Flacco through three weeks. It's time for the Jets to hand the reins over to Zach Wilson and allow him to sink or swim. After all, that's why they drafted him second overall, isn't it?

Rip the band-aid off. Let him prove he can be the guy.