Analyzing every route the NY Jets can take in the 2024 NFL Draft

Following Joe Douglas' free agency acquisitions, the New York Jets enter the 2024 NFL Draft with many different options.

Joe Douglas
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Will the Jets draft Brock Bowers at 10th overall?

Perhaps the fan-favorite option is to stay put and draft tight end Brock Bowers out of Georgia. Browers sits on Mel Kiper’s big board as number seven, meaning Kiper has him rated as the seventh-best player in the draft, regardless of position. He would give the Jets yet another offensive weapon at Aaron Rodgers' disposal.

However, Douglas and company might be wary about selecting Bowers at 10th overall. Rarely do tight ends taken so high in the draft end up being worth that type of draft capital.

Of the top eight tight ends in receiving yards in 2023, only three were taken in the first round. That would be Evan Engram, T.J. Hockenson, and David Njoku.

The two best tight ends were taken in the third round and beyond; Travis Kelce was taken 63rd overall in 2013 and George Kittle was taken 146th overall in 2017. The ADP for these top eight TEs is 61st overall, which falls in the late second round.

The NY Jets' approach to the 2024 NFL Draft depends on how the board plays out

So where does Douglas take the Jets in the 2024 NFL Draft? Does he trade up, does he trade down, or does he stay put? The answers to these questions will be highly dependent on how the draft board plays out.

If a quarterback falls to the Jets at 10, some teams may be motivated to trade up for a future franchise playcaller. If not, the Jets will most likely have their choice of a top offensive tackle, wide receiver, or tight end.

For the first time in Douglas’ tenure, the Jets will be entering the draft analyzing top talent rather than trying to fill starting positional needs on the roster.

Not only will April 25th give Jets fans a new player to root for, but it will also show them what direction the team will be going in 2024 and beyond.