Ex-Packers WR calls out Aaron Rodgers after taking Jets rookie under his wing

This former Rodgers teammate is fed up!
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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The NY Jets are taking a bit of a risk with Western Kentucky receiver Malachi Corley, as he has a very unique skillset that could either turn him into a younger version of Deebo Samuel or cast him off to the graveyard of YAC-heavy receivers who never develop into reliable pros.

Aaron Rodgers seems to be allaboard the Corley train, as he is even offering to let Corley stay at his guest house in New Jersey to build chemistry with his newest passing game weapon. Jets fans should be very pleased with this news, even if former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Amari Rodgers is not.

Rodgers, a 5-11, 214-pound receiver with a similar build and playstyle to Corley, was picked in the third round by the Packers in 2021. He never panned out in the pros, and he seems to be hinting that he was never on the same page with Rodgers with his latest point on social media.

In a since-deleted tweet, Rodgers said that Corley's connection with the Hall of Fame quarterback will help him play better as a rookie. Rodgers, who now plays for the UFL's Birmingham Stallions, also bemoaned the fact Aaron didn't go out of his way to strike up a connection with him during his rookie year.

Amari Rodgers rips NY Jets' Aaron Rodgers after Malachi Corley link-up

The Samuel comps are fun, but the Jets need to recognize that Rodgers is what could happen to Corley as a player if he isn't developed properly. Rodgers caught just eight passes in two seasons with the Packers and became a hated name in that fanbase for his constant issues with drops and fumbling the ball.

To avoid that same fate and become more than an ArDarius Stewart redux, Corley will need to show he can be as effective a receiver going vertically as he is horizontally. Luckily for the Jets, Corley has flashes plus traits in that area when the Hilltoppers asked him to do so.

Corley will likely start the season competing with former Packer and free agent bust Allen Lazard for the No. 3 wide receiver spot on the depth chart. Corley's physical style and playmaking should be a nice counterpart to an emerging star in Garrett Wilson and a proven vertical deep threat in Mike Williams.

While Rodgers was unable to turn the former Clemson star into an NFL wide receiver, it appears as though he is doing everything in his power to make sure Corley doesn't end up on the same path.