Allen Lazard named surprise Jets cut candidate after dreadful 2023 season

The Jets might be done with Lazard.
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NY Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard could not have had a worse 2023 season if he tried. On top of the fact the receiver tallied just 311 yards and one touchdown in the first season of a four-year, $44 million deal, but the coaching staff themselves don't sound overly excited about Lazard's long-term potential.

The Jets have already shown how less-than thrilled they are about what Lazard brings to the table, as they signed Mike Williams away from the Los Angeles Chargers to take Lazard's spot on the outside and added further competition with rookie wide receiver Malachi Corley. Lazard's playing time might be limited.

It seems like it will be a minor miracle if Lazard lasts the full duration of his contract, even taking his relationship with Aaron Rodgers and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett into account. There's a chance Lazard doesn't even make it to the beginning of his second season.

Marcus Mosher of The 33rd Team declared Lazard a possible cut candidate, as a June 1 designation could save the Jets some money in 2025. Mosher was especially critical of Lazard's overall abilities, calling him a "glorified tight end." Many Jets fans likely share that same sentiment.

Allen Lazard named as surprise NY Jets cut candidate

Connor Hughes of SNY has already reported some of the Jets' displeasure with Lazard, implying that if Joe Douglas was given a truth serum, he would admit the Lazard contract is already a huge mistake he regrets handing out. His spot on the active roster may be in legitimate peril this season.

If Corley impresses, Lazard would be relegated to the WR4 spot at best. However, due to his lack of kick return ability and special teams skill, there's a chance that someone like Xavier Gipson or Irv Charles takes up an active roster spot over him. Lazard could become a $44 million albatross quite soon.

Lazard supporters will claim that he is due for a bounce-back season, as the shift from Zach Wilson to Rodgers will do wonders for a player who has had success with the future Hall of Famer in the past. That may be partially true, but the separation issues still remain.

Unless Lazard reaches a level that he seldom was at during his fairly solid Green Bay tenure, it seems hard to envision a world in which he ever lives up to the contract he earned in free agency. This may be his final season in green.