An Aaron Rodgers trade seems more and more likely for the NY Jets

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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It wasn't too long ago that an Aaron Rodgers trade seemed like little more than a pipedream for the NY Jets. Rodgers' contract made any potential trade scenario very tricky, and it seemed unlikely that the Green Bay Packers would opt to move on from their longtime franchise QB.

But things move quickly in the NFL offseason, and as the days have gone on, it's beginning to seem more and more likely that Rodgers is traded. The Jets figure to be one of the top teams involved.

There's a lot of smoke going around right now about a Rodgers trade. Rodgers commented on his NFL future on an appearance on the Pat McAfee show on Tuesday, and he certainly sounded like someone who was ready for his time in Green Bay to be over.

Rodgers told McAfee that his contract would have to be tweaked if he was to return to Green Bay in 2023. He came across as someone who was very much assessing his options.

It's not just a general feeling, though. Reports have emerged in recent days that seem to suggest that a Rodgers trade is very much on the table this offseason.

The NY Jets could realistically trade for Aaron Rodgers

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported this past weekend that a Rodgers trade was a "real possibility" and a "very real scenario." Jeremy Fowler then connected Rodgers to the Jets in a report on Tuesday.

Fowler reported that "some people around the league could see" the Jets trading for Rodgers this offseason. They're one of two teams he directly mentioned in relation to Rodgers, along with the Indianapolis Colts.

Schefter later reported on Tuesday that the Packers would not consider trading Rodgers to an NFC team, leaving the Jets and Colts as likely front-runners. Combine that with the possible Nathaniel Hackett connection and everything seems to be lining up.

Rodgers even complimented Zach Wilson and the Jets' roster when speaking with McAfee on Tuesday.

Now, trading for Rodgers won't come cheap — both from a financial and assets point of view. The Jets would likely have to surrender significant draft capital on top of the contract they'd have to take on.

Is it worth it? Jets owner Woody Johnson certainly seems to believe it is if you believe recent reports.

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It seemed so unlikely just a few weeks ago, but an Aaron Rodgers trade has become a very realistic possibility for the Jets. The situation is worth monitoring closely over the coming days and weeks.