How the Aaron Rodgers trade alters the NY Jets draft plans

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Second Round

In the second round, the Jets only have pick 43. After the Elijah Moore trade earlier this month, the Jets had consecutive second-round selections. It was assumed one of these picks would be used to acquire Rodgers, and it was. Losing pick 42, even though it was expected to be included, still hurts.

In previous mock drafts, it was speculated the Jets would use either pick 42 or 43 on a center to solidify the offensive line. However, with the re-signing of Connor McGovern on Monday, the need for a center is not as strong.

I would still be intrigued to see if the Jets would draft a center to back up/replace McGovern in the future, but that scenario becomes less likely now.

More likely options include a safety, edge rusher, or linebacker. Someone on the defensive side of the ball is the most likely option for a second-round pick.

Could Brian Branch still be on the board by then? If so, that would be a no-brainer. More likely would be prospects like Ohio State linebacker/safety Ronnie Hickman, Oregon linebacker Noah Sewell, or linebacker Daiyan Henley out of Washington State.

I'll also suggest that this is another spot the Jets could trade back from. If there is a quarterback or skill player on the board, or if a lineman slips down the board, the Jets could definitely move back from pick 43, especially if they hold onto pick 15.

Moving back here could net multiple later-round picks or even another Day 2 selection. Either way, fans can effectively rule out a center or second offensive lineman with this pick, while defense or a trade-down are the more likely options.