Aaron Rodgers given ruthless nickname after skipping NY Jets minicamp

Aaron Rodgers? More like Aaron....Dodgers
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers likely expected to be treated a little differently by the media when he was traded from the Green Bay Packers to New York last offseason.

While the legend of the so-called "New York media" has become a bit overblown in recent years, there's no denying that the media in this city tends to be a bit harsher with criticism than media in "cities" like Green Bay.

So you'd better believe that when Rodgers opted to skip Jets mandatory minicamp this spring, the New York media was going to have a field day. That's exactly what happened.

The back page for the New York Daily News on Wednesday awarded the Jets' quarterback a brand new nickname — one that was equal parts creative as it was ruthless. Aaron Rodgers? More like Aaron...Dodgers.

NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is feeling the wrath of the New York media

Rodgers was a no-show during Jets minicamp this week for what head coach Robert Saleh called an "unexcused" absence. Although Saleh has since insisted that he and Rodgers are "on the same page," that hasn't stopped the media from running wild with what should be an inconsequential story.

Rodgers reportedly informed the Jets months in advance that he would not be able to attend minicamp. The Jets had no issues with this and fully anticipated Rodgers not being in attendance.

It should also be noted that Rodgers was in attendance for every voluntary event of the offseason including all OTA practices and spring meetings. The Jets know exactly where Rodgers is and are not concerned about him missing two padless practices in the middle of June.

But this is the Jets we're talking about. It's Aaron Rodgers. We're in the middle of June with nothing else going on. This type of media coverage, while unfortunate, should be expected.

The Jets aren't concerned about Rodgers' expected absence. The players don't seem to be concerned. Rodgers obviously isn't concerned. There's no reason for fans to be concerned.

Aaron Rodgers will be in attendance for training camp next month, and everyone will forget this ever happened.