Aaron Rodgers is still pushing hard for absolute dream reunion on NY Jets

Rodgers is still recruiting
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The idea of an Aaron Rodgers-Davante Adams reunion on the NY Jets has swirled throughout the rumor mill since the four-time MVP first joined the organization last year.

There was a time during the 2023 season when it seemed almost inevitable that Adams would end up reuniting with Rodgers in New York, but as the months have gone on, that reunion has felt more like a pipedream.

Credit to Rodgers, though, he's still doing his part to recruit. In a recent appearance on Up & Adams with Kay Adams, the three-time All-Pro wide receiver revealed that Rodgers is still "in [his] ear" about reuniting on the Jets.

While Adams insisted that he was still "a Raider," he didn't sound opposed to the idea of reuniting one day. Adams acknowledged that "it's not as easy" as many fans might think, but he left a glimmer of hope for a future reunion between the two former Green Bay Packers teammates.

How likely is an Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams reunion on the NY Jets?

The Jets have sniffed around Adams' market over the last year, especially during the Raiders' midseason struggles a year ago. The firing of former head coach Josh McDaniels seemed to have righted the ship and put Adams' might at ease, however.

Adams has maintained his commitment to the Raiders organization over the last few months and doesn't seem likely to be traded. But if the Raiders get off to a poor start, the trade rumors will pick up once again.

The issue here might be finances. Adams is set to carry cap hits of over $36 million into 2025 and 2026, and it would cost the Raiders a significant amount of dead cap to trade him. It's not something they're going to be extremely motivated to do unless circumstances change.

The Jets also have big-money extensions to players like Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall, Jermaine Johnson, etc. to worry about in the coming years. Adding another star veteran on a massive contract might be difficult to fit on the books.

Rodgers is clearly pushing for it, though, and it's hard to blame him. In Green Bay, Rodgers and Adams formed one of the NFL's most dynamic and productive quarterback/wide receiver duos. It's worth wondering what the dynamic duo might be able to do in New York.

For now, this scenario remains all but a pipedream for the Jets, but Rodgers is doing his part to keep fans excited about a potential reality where these two former Packers stars reunite in Florham Park.